IISAA on March 11th, 2017

It Works

If You Work It

SAA 12-Step Workshop

GOAL:    To improve your spiritual condition by actively and personally working through the 12-Steps of SAA in the presence of an encouraging group of other participants and with the support of a sponsor.

WHEN:    Thursdays, 6-7 p.m., beginning May 4, 2017

WHERE:    In the Church Library

Chapel Hill United Methodist Church
963 North Girls School Road
Indianapolis, IN  46216

CONTACT:    Chris G. 317-775-8430

Please Join Us!

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Each week the ISO office receives requests from prisoners seeking recovery from compulsive sexual behavior, asking for literature, sponsors, and correspondence with SAA program members. Typically these prisoners have been convicted of criminal sexual conduct, have little family support, and have very limited, if any, access to sexual recovery resources inside their institutions. Many prisoners who write to the ISO have found our address in a piece of literature or through another prisoner. SAA’s Prisoner Outreach Program carries the message of recovery to addicts inside prisons and similar institutions, primarily through correspondence between prisoners and SAA members.


We do prisoner outreach correspondence to give back what has been so freely given to us, and we find that doing service helps us to maintain our sexual sobriety and recovery.
For some of us, reaching out to prisoners may be a way to actually work our own Twelve Steps. For instance, since some of us have been imprisoned for what we have done as sex addicts and many of us might have been, we may write to a prisoner as a Ninth Step indirect amends to those we have harmed. Or we may see our prisoner correspondence as a way of bringing to the addict to who still suffers the message of recovery, as suggested by Step Twelve and Tradition Five.

If you would like to participate in the Prisoner Outreach program please contact Richard S at 317.840.0304 or

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IISAA on September 16th, 2014

There was news from ISO in my inbox this morning:

The International Service Organization of SAA is pleased to announce the availability of SAA pamphlets on the SAA website ( The pamphlets may be found by following the “SAA literature” sub-tab from the Home page. Also included are the pamphlets in Spanish and the “Pathway to Recovery” pamphlet in French.

This milestone has been accomplished by the combined efforts of the ISO Literature Committee, the ISO office, and the ISO Board of Trustees and its committees, specifically the Online Presence Committee and the International Development Committee. We believe that ready access to SAA literature online will greatly enhance the capacity of member groups and individual members of the fellowship to carry the SAA message of recovery more effectively and more efficiently.

As before, the printed pamphlets are available for purchase from the ISO – either through the online SAA Store or by telephone or postal mail from the ISO office. Don’t forget to ask about our volume discount.

This development is a good example of how the ISO is working to support members of the fellowship and member groups. As you benefit from having access to the SAA pamphlets online, please remember that the ISO is totally dependent on financial support from members, member groups, and intergroups to offer and maintain this type of service for the fellowship. If you appreciate what the ISO does for you, please consider making a tax-deductible contribution today.

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