IISAA on September 9th, 2012

The Indiana Intergroup was formed  to help its member SAA groups to carry the SAA message to the addict who still suffers, to provide shared and coordinated services and resources to individual members and the member SAA groups, to allow for the efficient use of IISAA funds through IISAA group purchasing, to provide support to the IISAA membership that individual groups, acting alone, could not provide, and to help disseminate information within the SAA organization and to coordinate the public relations of SAA in Indiana.

The IISAA relies upon the support and cooperation, as provided in Tradition Seven, “Every S.A.A. group ought to be fully self-supporting, declining outside contributions”, thereby relying upon the groups in the Indiana Intergroup to support its activities.  Each year, the Indiana Intergroup conducts a Spring Workshop, an Annual Picnic, a Fall Retreat and a Holiday that enables its members to interact with one another in a recovery or social atmosphere.  The contributions of the groups are an integral part of the ability of the Indiana Intergroup to carryout these activities.  If a group wishes to contribute directly to these efforts, simply send your contribution (preferably check or money order though cash may be used for a transaction at the monthly business meeting) to the Indiana Intergroup, P.O. Box 20834, Indianapolis, IN  46220.  Quarterly contribution letters are provided to those groups or members who contribute to the IISAA (we are a not-for-profit organization).  The Indiana Intergroup sincerely appreciates the financial support that its member groups and individuals provide in order for it to carry out its outreach and social activities.  Contribution envelopes are available at the monthly (Second Saturday of each month) business meeting held at Methodist Hospital in Indianapolis.


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IISAA on September 9th, 2012

Did you know that you can order pamphlets, tokens, hard and soft copies of the SAA Book and other items from the ISO Office?  Simply call them at 800-477-8191 and you can order from the book store any items that your meeting may need.  Debit or credit cards can be process over the phone.  In addition, you may order via the mail with a check or money order.  Visit the ISO website at and click on the book store tab for items that are available for ordering.

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IISAA on July 11th, 2012

Did you know that there are over 50 telemeetings conducted within the SAA fellowship each month?  If you are ill, are unable to attend a face-to-face meeting because of transportation, financial or time constraints, a telemeeting may be a viable option for you to work your recovery program.  Please contact the ISO office at 800-471-8191 or go to the website at www. to find a telemeeting that meets your needs.

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