IISAA on July 9th, 2012

If you are a newcomer to the SAA program (meaning you have not attended an SAA meeting before), please be aware that the only requirement for participation is a “desire to recover from sexual addiction”.  And, that all persons struggling with sexual addiction are welcome to attend SAA meetings without prior approval.  The IISAA information line is available if you have any questions about the meetings.  The phone number is 317.767.2763, or 866.205.8564.  Please leave your name, phone number and a good time for you to be called back.

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IISAA on July 9th, 2012

There is a Spanish-language telemeeting utilizing Skype.  The address is sobrios.por.hoy.  If you happen to attend this particular telemeeting, we would be interested in hearing about your experience and whether it was helpful, and if there is some way that your experience could be improved.

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IISAA on July 8th, 2012

Due to increasing public awareness about sexual addiction, our fellowship is getting more people involved in recovery from this addiction that affects family members, business associates, financial concerns, work performance and a myriad of other issues.  The ISO is working diligently and effectively to carry our message of recovery, however, it is a task that requires the help of each of the members of our fellowship.  New literature is being prepared, improved enhancements to the ISO outreach website are being created, the international website is being updated and the development of alternative methods for outreach opportunities are being planned.

Please consider joining Lifeline Partners to support all of these activities to ensure that our message of recovery continues to expand.  Anything you give helps us.  Consider the amount of money that has been spent as a part of your addiction and offer a small part of that as your way of giving back for those gifts that you have received.

You may reach offer your support by contacting the office at 800-477-8191, or clicking on the link herein provided.

Please be aware that you will be leaving the IISAA website when you click on the link provided.  Please return as your comments are invaluable tools in helping us to carry our message of recovery, as well.


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